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What to do Between Wash Days

What to do Between Wash Days
As we've discussed on this site, you shouldn't be shampooing your curly hair daily. (This gives the natural oils from your scalp a chance to repair and re-hydrate your hair). But that begs the question: what styling and maintenance tips do we have for you for those in-between wash days?:

1) Pineapple method: To preserve your curls overnight, try the pineapple method. Simply gather your curls on top of your head, as close to your front hairline as possible, and secure them with a satin or silk scrunchie. Keep the scrunchie as loose as you can without losing the ponytail. This will prevent your curls from getting squashed in the evening and help maintain their shape.

2) Use a silk or satin cap: A silk or satin hair cap at night can help to prevent frizz and maintain your curls' shape overnight. Leave your curls loose, or combine this strategy with the pineapple method.

3) Use a silk or satin pillowcase: If the hair cap doesn't work for you, try a silk or satin pillowcase. The texture of the silk helps prevent frizz or nighttime tangles.

4) Refresh spray: Refresh your curls in the morning by misting them with a fine spray of water. This can help to revive curls and add moisture. Simply mist your curls with the spray, and then scrunch or finger coil them them to reactivate the curls.

5) Use a light-hold styling product: A light-hold styling product like Curly Bird Conditioner (leave-in) or Curly Bird Styling Cream can help to refresh curls without weighing them down. Our natural products provide hold without leaving a crunchy or greasy residue.

6) Avoid touching your curls: The more you touch your curls, the more likely they are to frizz. Try to avoid touching your curls as much as possible.

These curl-care routine tips will help you stretch out those wash days, which will support exceptional curl health through natural rehydration and repair. As we like to say, healthy curls are happy curls!
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