Asked Questions

Yes! Our shampoo and conditioner bottles are made from recyclable aluminum. Aluminum can be infinitely recycled, which helps keep plastics out of our landfills and oceans.

Thank you for your commitment to being a conscious consumer! We take sustainability seriously at Curly Bird. We are a small business and are always working on improving our sustainability. A project that we have in the works includes bulk offerings to cut down on waste and allow our customers to refill their bottles.

At Curly Bird, we offer no-scent products or lightly scented using essential oils for our fragrances. Most haircare brands use chemical fragrances that can be harmful to your skin, respiratory system, and environment.
A: Here is a list of several of the natural ingredients that you'll find in our products. These ingredients are as effective, or more effective, than the common chemicals that you find in haircare products....and better for your health and the environment!

Macademia Oil - Helps maintain a moisture barrier, giving curls long-lasting definition (Styling Cream)

Organic Rosemary - Rich with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties (Styling Cream)

Chamomile Extract - Promotes hair strength and prevents split ends (Styling Cream)

Organic Aloe - Soothes the scalp, while gently removing buildup in the hair, creating light and defined curls (Shampoo)

Flower and Leaf Extract - Nourishes scalp and strengthens hair follicles with minerals & vitamins to prevent split ends (Shampoo)

Argan Oil - Deeply nourishes your hair, giving it shine and supporting curl-definition (Conditioner)

Organic Olive Oil - Smoothens the hair follicles and reduces frizz (Conditioner)

Organic Coconut Oil - Strengthens the hair and prevents split ends (Conditioner)

Dandelion Extract - Rich in vitamins to strengthen hair and stimulate hair growth (Conditioner)

A: The best way to contact us is via email at We'll be sure to get back to you right away!
A: Oh no! Please contact us at to make arrangements for a full refund. We're also always looking for feedback on how we can improve our products and instructions on how to use them.
A: Yes! Unlike a lot of haircare products on the market, all of our products are safe for: Brazilian blowouts, color-treated, keratin treated, or chemically treated hair & extensions. We never use phthalates, sulfates or parabens in our products. We have a great blog post on the importance of avoiding parabens and sulfates.