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Struggling to Tame Your Curls?

Dry & Frizzy Hair?

Dealing with unruly and frizzy curls that lack moisture and vitality, making hairstyling a constant struggle?

Limp or Undefined Curls?

Struggling with curls that lose shape throughout the day, leading to an unattractive and messy appearance?

Unsure Where to Begin?

Feeling lost and unsure about how to maintain and style curly hair due to contradicting information and countless products in the market?

Curly Bird is here for you!

Revitalized Roots

Natural ingredients that deeply nourish your curls, combating dryness and frizz for gorgeous, healthy locks.

Great Ingredients Matter

Made-in-the-USA formula specially crafted by women who understand curly hair needs while avoiding harsh chemicals for a worry-free hair experience.

Curly Hair Simplified

Minimalistic 3-product lineup to save you from constantly experimenting with new brands and systems.

Your Curl Coach

Valuable guidance on maintaining and styling your curls under various conditions with less effort and time.

With Great Curls Comes Great Responsiblity!

Nurturing Nature

Natural and organic ingredients with botanicals, vitamins, and essential oils to deeply nourish your curls.

The Curly Bird Trio

Gentle Shampoo, hydrating conditioner, and defining curl cream: a game-changing collection.

The Curly Bird Technique

Become a curl expert with our simple step-by-step process that demystifies curl maintenance and styling.

Confidence is Key

Showcase your natural, unique, stunning curls like never before.

Meet Our Founder

Introducing Danielle, the founder and creative force driving Curly Bird. Inspired by the unmet needs of her own curly hair and concern for harsh chemicals in her daily products, she collaborated with a USA lab for three years to create Curly Bird. The result? A tailor-made 3-product system for vibrant curls, free from harmful additives. Passers-by now compliment and inquire about her secret, and her response is simple: "Curly Bird – give it a go!"

Our Story

What Our Customers Are Saying

"I've been straightening my hair for years because nothing seemed to work. Thanks to the Curly Bird Technique my hair looks amazing!"
Portland, OR
"I love that Curly Bird uses organic and natural ingredients. It is important to me to use healthy products in my home and on my body. Thanks Curly Bird!"
Boulder, CO
"I have always been in awe of how some other people's curly hair looks. Now I know their secrets! I only wish I had found Curly Bird sooner!"
Santa Barbara, CA