The Curly Bird Technique

The Curly Bird Routine

Our 5-Step Routine for Healthy & Gorgeous Curls!

Follow These 6 Simple Steps for Healthy, Gorgeous, Defined Curls!

Step #1

Cleanse Gently

Start by breaking the cycle of over-washing. Avoid shampooing your curly hair too often, as your natural scalp oils (called “sebum”) take longer to travel down the spiraled hair structure, making your curls prone to dryness. Strike the balance by using Curly Bird's sulfate-free shampoo with Organic Aloe, which effectively removes buildup while gently nourishing your scalp. Shampoo your hair every 7-14 days, depending on your hair type and lifestyle, to retain essential moisture and maintain beautifully hydrated curls.

Step #2

Hydrate & Nourish

Combat chronic dryness and frizziness with Curly Bird Conditioner infused with Organic Argan Oil, Organic Olive Oil, Organic Coconut Oil, and Dandelion Root Extract. These naturally hydrating ingredients work together to restore moisture, revitalize your curls, and provide essential nutrients. Apply the conditioner to wet hair in the shower, comb it through your strands with your fingers, and feel the tangles loosen as your hair receives a nourishing boost. Rinse thoroughly to unveil silky, hydrated curls.

Step #3

Style With Ease

Timing is key when styling curly hair. After moisturizing your hair in Step 2, lightly pat it with a towel or microfiber cloth, ensuring it remains very wet. Now, it's time to work wonders with Curly Bird Styling Cream. Start with a small amount of cream (about the size of a medium-sized coin for shoulder-length hair) and rub it evenly between your palms. Rake the product through your wet hair, ensuring complete coverage throughout the length of your curls. This cream forms a gentle cast around your curls, providing long-lasting definition and hold without the “crunchy” look.

Step #4

Define Your Curls

The secret to defined curls lies in dividing your hair into smaller sections. Begin with the ~2-3" horizontal section at your "nape," securing the rest of your hair up with alligator clips or any method that works for you. The magic starts with the Denman Brush, perfect for curly hair with its dense and patterned bristles that group curls together for a defined look. Brush your curls away from you, starting from the tips, gently breaking up any knots, and work your way up the strands until your hair is smooth and free of tangles. Now, it's time to scrunch! Take a handful of hair from the brushed section and scrunch it together in your fist, allowing the wet hair and styling cream to create that satisfying "squishing" sound. If you need more moisture, give it a spray with a light-misting spray bottle and brush the moisture through. Repeat this process for every section, unveiling defined, bouncy curls all around.

Step #5

Dry With Care

IPreserve the definition and hold by using a diffuser for drying. Remember to avoid touching your hair with your fingers, as this can cause frizz and disrupt the cast formed by the Styling Cream. Opt for low heat on the diffuser, starting by pointing it downward to your crown, moving in gentle circular motions like a hovering UFO. This method helps direct your hair cuticle downward, reducing frizz. Once the upper parts are dry, bring the diffuser downward and flip it so that it is pointing upward toward the tips of your hair. Gently "dip" your curls in and out of the diffuser with the "cupping" method. Allow the rest of your hair to air dry, avoiding any further finger-touching that may disturb your beautifully defined curls.


Congratulations! You’ve completed the Curly Bird Technique, and now you can confidently flaunt your gorgeous, all-day-long curls, free from harsh chemicals. Experiment with different variations of the routine to suit your unique hair and style. For ongoing tips and habits on nourishing and maintaining your curls, stay connected with Curly Bird through our blog, social media, and newsletters. Welcome to the world of Curly Bird, where your natural beauty and curls are celebrated and cherished!